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"We are driven by entrepreneurial spirit; guided by an authentic understanding of cannabis and cannabis culture; and committed to social justice. From license acquisition to class leading operations, STIIIZY is singularly focused on creating value for our customers, our investors and our communities."



Cannabis culture is a vibrant and diverse community that welcomes individuals from all walks of life - whether you're a skater, an elderly person, a college student, a veteran, or a family member. We take pride in creating an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to express themselves freely. Our culture fosters unity and promotes open and honest dialogue, bringing together people from different backgrounds and experiences.


For us, cannabis culture is more than just a recreational pastime - it's a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Whether you're seeking relief from physical or emotional pain, or striving to spark meaningful conversations about social issues, cannabis provides a platform for personal growth and societal progress. By promoting empathy and understanding, we believe that cannabis can help build a more compassionate and equitable world.


Our culture is constantly evolving and adapting, driven by new innovations and changing attitudes. We're on a journey to overcome the stigma and legal barriers that have historically plagued cannabis use, much like the fight against Prohibition in the early 20th century. We envision a future where cannabis is fully embraced as a positive force for individual and collective well-being.

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